Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When silence outstreches itself, it becomes intollerable.Silence becomes deafning. I have seen it streching to miles together. And a moment comes when you look for a dialogue but are not able to put in even a single word because you are afraid of the sound that it will make. It has been pin drop silence and thus no one would dare to drop a pin even. Sometimes it is difficult to stand up and acknowledge the acheivements of ones own mind. Mind does not seek a permission. It roams around, risks everything and takes you to what you never dreamt of. we reach a destination ,a point of time and space where we get lost because we had never thought it to be so.So dont let any one be silent. Be peaceful, be witness and be a part of it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

HOW ARE YOU...............

When you receive an SMS stating "How are you. Take care". You feel like saying I am fine and taking care.How does one meditate, one thinks of something continuously without a break, and when a break takes place you go back to your processes and return when you are steady again.A devout religious man told Majnoo why did you cross me , did you not see that I was offering prayers? Majnoo said I was seeing Laila and thus could not see anything else, not even you offering prayers, but tell me if you were with God while offering prayers how could you see me passing by?Fear takes you apart, you can not be fearful and in love at the same time.Whenever fear crops in love does not stay.You do not live with the person that you are fearful of.And that is why you are not present in the message, HOW ARE YOU, TAKE CARE.Those who love know how others are , they do not put questions. Their heart speaks of what has to happen?They care , they do not ask you to take care.Some one has said, SUNA THA MUHABAT PHOOL HOTA HAI, PHIR MAINE EK DIN PHOOL BIKTE DEKHE.
There are people talking to trees, singing with flowers, dancing with rain and there are people shopping love.
I have no answer for that sweet little girl who met me today morning at the Marathon Bengaluru Run and hugged me saying sir you are very handsome.What was handsome in me I really do not know?I have no answer when communications settle down at AUR KYA HAAL HAI, BAS THEEK HAI.I have no answer when for hours and hours you live together and do not live to gether at all.
Life is beautiful if you can share your cup of tea with your friends, It is more beautiful if you can share your concers with them, It is lovely if they can take you to the final destination... but if you are alone , if you have failed relationships, if you have bruises all around you and if you are in pain, weep not, cry not , it is just that God has emptied all spaces around you to make enough space for HIM to be with you. So take care, Good care of yourself.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Absence of stupidity does not mean intelligence, Joy is not absence of pain, for light darkness is not driven out. Seeking absence of pain would mean running away, therefore we seek acheivement of happiness.I know about the beautiful shades that flowers wear but Safron has an innocent fragrence. No one may sing a song with me , the birds will chirp, the cascades will dance,there will always be beautiful mornings and the nights will for ever rejoice.Who speaks what and who lives what, there will be no judges and there will also be no one to be judged.Time will be the only destination. This destination is the only chosen goal, and run around if you can but there is nothing but this goal, the chosen goal.Dont sing the virtues of love, what love is there in the store , no more is a sermon on daffodils and no more is there a solitary reaper.The Byron no more sends a hush and no more does the west wind flow. if I do not close my eyes how can it be that I have stopped dreaming and the ones who have their eyes closed how can it be that they necessarily dream?Avoiding death does not mean living and dragging on does not mean we are alive.