Saturday, December 25, 2010

Karnataka is one of the richest states of south India in terms of Heritage, arts and crafts, Music and culture.Hampi was the medieval capital of the Hindu empire of Vijayanagra. Even in its ruined state it attracts thousands of visitors every day and is a protected UNESCO world heritage site. It is also beleived that Hampi is the Monkey Kingdom KISHKINADA that has a mention in Ramayana.Around 1336 the city grew in trade as the capital of the empire of Vijayanagra.By 1565 the empire was ruling the whole are between Arabean sea, Bay of Bengal and the Deccan Plateau.Krishnadevaraya brought the highest honour to this empire.

Today in a state of ruin Hampi is not a regular tourist fun place but a place for someone interested in history and richness of Indian Architecture.The Temples of HAZARA RAMA, BALAKRISHNA and VITHALA areimpressive structures that show the engineering and architectural mastery that the builders of this empire had.Hampi easily transports its visitor to the glory of 13th century.

Hampi ruins are roughly 14 Kms from the town of Hospet and Hospet is directly accesable from all major cities of India. Roughly around 1900 Kms from Delhi Hampi can be accessed from any city of Karnataka , particularly Banagalore by busses run by KSRTDC(Karnataka Statae Road Transport Development corporation)