Saturday, January 22, 2011

Terrorism -the weapon of the weakest.

Terrorism is a poor man's war. krish I do not agree with what you have posted on my wall. I do not agree because terrorism by no means is war.
Global Terrorism Strategy of United Nations approved in 2006 stated that it"strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes." The forms and manifestations have been a subject matter of discussion at this highest forum. The impact of terrorism is death and fear on the civil society and it is neither required nor is it desired.
Nelson Mandela, wrote in his autobiography: "the hard facts were that 50 years of non-violence had brought (my) people nothing but more repressive legislation, and fewer rights". But the answer despite this did lie in the political process. The dilemma for any community lies in understanding whether the cause of terrorism is “just” or not. Kenya, Sri Lanka Ireland, all of these are torn because of violence at one point or the other but international community has not been able to define the “just” cause of these internal violent demonstrations called terrorism. Bomb attacks on embassies, international jihad, are these the poor man’s war and who is poor in these attacks?
The word terror has its origin in the latin word terrere which means to frighten or to inflict fear. Since its independence in 1947 India has been facing the problem of insurgency and terror in different parts of the country. Terrorism is a premeditated attack on government and non government bodies or the civil population with the intention of resorting to intimidation tactics without taking territorial control. Terrorism is known as the weapon of the weakest.
Me and my people are the victims of terrorism.How can we understand it as a war. A war is never against the peace loving civil population. it is not aginst the children , the weak and the infirm. War is not fought with people who have never picked up a gun.
you may talk of Khameer Rouge, Klux klux Klan or the vietcom in the Vietnam, they were different.Where else tell me where else have you seen terror getting the attention.
It takes thousands of peaceful years for a culture to find place in the history. and it takes very little time for the terror to attempt at wiping it off . wars were fought between the armies , terror is one sided.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


when we are not in total agreement with the space that we occupy we invent ways and means to cut down on it. Probably we beleive that the lesser we occupy the little we will have to see around. In the process we forget that every time we make a move to make ourselves happy we also leave an indellible mark on the brow of time. Why does individual happiness become so important?

I have hardly anything to speak. The mind is just another open space where no thought rests. There were moments when I used to be in the company of great writers, philosophers and then there were moments when I painted the haikus of life on the convas of time. Alas i thought they would remain there but they did not. An open space my mind, I am carrying on with. Why is individual Happiness so important?

As a child I starved of food, as a young man I starved of youth and as a grown up I am starved because of neglect. Morning comes and makes me awake, another day metamorphises a few shapes and gives reason to conversations, I suggest happiness and continue to be in pain. You love me you do not and I live and I do not , wish I would not play these games any more. you are with me in the morning and by evening you are not there. My pain is a hangman's rope round my neck and your hurt is an incidental attitude- do you do this to every body? Why do all want to be individually happy?

We hope for the hopeless, again and again set our foot on the frozen dreams. Life looks at us , it looks at us helpless , hopeless and laughing a fool's laugh. We never learn from our yesterday, We never care for our tomorrow and we are not in the present. The trust and the faith has different meaning for different people, we have set our own terms of honesty , our own terms of intelligence and our own terms of ignorance. Ignorence is useless it can not be defined as innocense. If I have done it then I have done it, I can not say what can I do, because it is me only who can do something. why cant we make others happy too?

Life is like a cup of tea, the more heartly we take it the sooner we reach the drenches of bottom. This is what I understood through the book and life is like a cup of tea , the more heartily we take it the more we enjoy the brew . This is what I learnt from experience.

Destinations for all are set, a bigger dream and one day the wake up has to be there. We all will forget our pain and we all will go forward leaving behind our love, the loved , the hate and the hated. we will leave behind all those without whom we think we can not live and the journey will be on our own.

Then why not be happy???

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Each one of us is entitled to his opinion however filthy it be and we have an option to accept it,reject it or to witness it.We always know what living is all about and we always understand the value addition or the value demolition that we undertake each day. The fact remains that in this world there is no free lunch.For every bite that we cut in to we pay and sometimes we do remain happy because the labour is disguised.

In the cultural activities of today there is monotony, stagnation and a strange drabness that has no sense of variation.It has become a custom to please the unknown. this age is the age of cut pasting. there is an unknown following, following of the kind that animals experience when they move in herds. What people understand as love is in fact inexperience of originality and the flavour of duplicacy of the jewells that they wear in the name of the jewells of reality.

It is not strange to find that we always set goals that can never be acheived. we always want to be satisfied with the feeling that since things did not fall in line so we are not responsible. we make plans and set out to tread distances that never exist and when we break down we look up to God as if to say that we had set out why did you not walk with us.We always know that life is only what we make out of it and despite this we make a puzzle of it.we love an animal , love the warmth of its wool but we do not hesitate to sacrifice it too when we need to please our Gods.Our happiness our individual truth our realities become important and rest everything else can be put to altar.

Pain is not the end of a happy state, pain is failure in realising happiness, pain is in not understanding the values and the ethics of being alive.pain is self imposed punishment. It is the price that you pay for being an agent for cut pasting the solutions that we beleive will lead us to eternal peace.

Whatever is negative is not alive, it is dead, it is stinking giving foul smell.Love does not branch out from a seed that is sown in demolished sites.To meditate is to witness yourself evolving. It is to understand that this universe is just born out of my being, it is to spread in to the emptiness of your existence. To meditate is to feel wonderful,lovable and fashionable too.It is an unending process of peace that should make every life peaceful when it comes in your contact.

To meditate is to be what you are in reality and not a cutpasted photoshop edited unreal you that you never have been.Now do you love yourself , if you do you have found the solution. The solution is not in Ramayana, it is not in Mahabarata, wisdom is there in your mind. Explore the mind God rests peacefully within you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Zindagi taar taar ho jaye to sonchna kya aur samajna kya, sonch liya to mansoor ki khaal utartee hai, na soncha to Meera zehar bhi pee leti hai.Jahan dimag barbad karta hai wohin dil aabad karta hai.Bule shah ki hadiyaan abhi tak rakse bismil main mubtala hain aur kanjar khana sukhan dar sukhan aawaz de raha hai.Meeloon lambi khaamoshi aur tumhara aqs ustaraf, par ek bhi pag barne ki jurat nahi karta. Zid hai bas milo to yahin milo, us par jo aa gaye hum to deewana kya aur hamara pairahan tar tar kya.
Utartee hongee kirnen chamakte honge titliyoon ke par, meri khidkee par na ruka to sooraj kya aur chand kya? Wahshat si hai jo tumhara naam lete hi lipat jatee hai wajood se, kya pata kab tumhare faisle haqeeqatoon ke maanee badlen.Ab bas karo bahut thak gaya hoon main, soncha bhi nahi jata ki kitnee baar gir ke utha hoon main. Ek aalme badhawasi hai jo bhoolne nahi deta kuch bhi, varna hum se hamara pata bhi nahi poocha jata. Bas karo thak gaya hoon main.