Monday, October 11, 2010

A Haiku of Life

A dead Chrysenthemum
and yet- isn't there still something
remaining in it.
This is a Haiku by Takahama Kyoshi.Is there not something remaining of it,the chrysenthemum that spread its beautiful colour on every side has nothing remained of it? The chrysenthemum that spread its beautiful and sensible scent for the joyous- has really nothing remained of it? The chrysenthemum as it opens its petals and sings the melody of love that once ran around the summer of times known un- known, is no song echoing the strech of time and space.The chrysenthemum, is it really dead , and if dead it is -is nothing remaining of it and has the sand of time taken the toll?

How much important do we make ourselves.Uselessly important. In the universe we may not be spotted even but we attach so much importance to ourselves.One small painful nail can make us toss our head , but we still do make ourselves important.One simple head ache may wipe off our total wealth, but still we hold on to be important.We talk of relationships, we talk of love, hate but we in reality talk of our convenience only. The way it makes our life convenient we accept it only that way. I am happy it is great, if some one is in pain he should understand that all cant be happy.

Shaikh Sadi said "Ah! lift the cup what boots it to return, unborn tomorrow and dead yesterday, why fret for them if today be sweet".

We understand Shaikh Sadi's language, we understand what Basho writes, we manage to excellence, we rule biggest organisations but we are slaves of this self which we never come across in all our life. We go right and we go left but never go along with ourselves.

We wear this cloak of hypocrisy , Love people because we can not tell them that we do not, hate people because they do not tow our line. If we do not stand by ourselves in this life then tell me how , where and when? You can not make people happy by treating them as dumb driven cattle.You can not love people if you prioritise your mood. You are not truthful if you are a cause of pain to others. And if you are not truthful you are no where near the God.