Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Karwar is the administrative Head Quarter of Uttar Kanada. Situated roughly 95 Kms from Goa and 260 Kms from Mangalore this port town is connected to Delhi, Mumbai and Mangalore through Konkan Railways.One one side it has the sea and on the otherside it is guarded by Western Ghats. An unexplored destination Karwar is a beautiful port town with a very small population of lovely people.The town has a number of popular beaches like Devbagh,Kajubagh and Koodibagh. There is a Dargah of Peer shan shamasdin kharoobat and Naganatha Temple.Karwar was an ancient site for sea trade for Arab, Portugese and later the British.Karwar in earier times was a source of cardamom ,pepper and muslin.Kali river(Kalinadi)which takes birth in western ghatsflow through Karwar.Konkani,Kanada,Marathi and english are major languages spoken.A Naval base has come up at Karwar which is a part of project sea bird.An ideal place to to relax Karwar is a beautiful tourist destination for a nature lover.An evening at the virgin beaches of Karwar is a rememberence of a life time.

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