Friday, February 25, 2011


Be still, it is the wind that is singing. Becoming Budha is a conciousness.

Witness the whisper and look beyound breath. It is here and now, neither it was nor it ever will be. Understanding the movement from happiness to pain and enjoyment to fear is understanding existence.

Be still and let love not be understood as a beggar's bowl, let it not be understood as your weakness. Let you not be sold to untrue stories and let you not be made to trust just because you love. Sing aloud but die not for want of an attendent listening ear. If no one is there for you remember the trees and the leaves whisper and sing melodies for you too. Tread the distance and take no hand in hand for fear of being alone. Celebrate being alone with yourself. remember it is your journey and you have to walk the talk. If you are tired be satisfied He is leading you to your home for a restful sleep.

the Budha watches, listens and constantly changes. Anaicha - Everything is to change and this that is giving you pain will pass too.

The Budha is still and a witness to all. He is there and there He is not. He is a whisper a bubble and a stream of light too. He alone is the truth.

So be still it is the wind that is singing.

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