Saturday, September 5, 2009


Pain is not permanent , only that sometimes it lasts a lifetime.It is only that you let it last a life time. You just do not want to share it with any one. Because the pain is always given to you by some one very close to you and you perhaps would not like the world to know about him or her.But why keep it there , why remember it again and again. It happened because it had to happen. There is always someone who makes you feel special, makes you feel alive and makes you feel beautiful. So why not celebrate life with this somneone. Drop this sense of feeling low, you have never been wrong, only that people could not understand and value your sincerity and the trust you reposed in them.Make every moment of your life an utsav, love life because living is a one time affair. You take chances in life only till you get to live and what ever you loose is abruptly very dear to you. Every day we may not be able to open our eyes- why take it for granted. Every day the sun may not rise for us- why take it for granted. Every day the breeze may not flow- why take it for granted. Let us learn to be thankful, let us learn to be happy.No mother delivers an unhappy child, because no creation is a reason for pain. People give you pain only because they love you- because love is all about giving. Ya love is after all a wonderful feeling. Be loved and be blessed.

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