Saturday, January 2, 2010

A date with Budha

I learnt to touch life. I learnt to communicate with nature. I learnt compassion and I felt like I am in love. It was beautiful being withyou. As you said very rightly the whole process was like disecting mind, the whole process was like understanding sorrow and finding out the path leading to happiness. You said you bow to all Budha's past present and future and thus how easy you have made it for me to find you Budha every where. When there were no answers there was the gush of wind, when there was no speech there was music flowing down from the simplicity of being.I was alone but not lonely. I was with no one but my own self. I heard the noise buried deep within me I felt the silence that was wraped around my existence. I was there in everything and I did not taste you , I just became you. Vipassana- a date with Budha.

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