Sunday, November 14, 2010


Every moment of desperation can be a moment of liberation too.Every time you are in pain you understand life better.When i have been left helpless I have never thought of concluding life to be a feeding stock of worms.I have instead sought to know Who I am.The truth is so simple particularly if it comes to you through your dearest. Truth is what can be assimilated, corobrated , validated and verified.Falicity is that which we can not.To agree with something would only mean to be guided straight up to it, or be in straight touch of something that is dealing with it.Agreeing to something that is existing does not mean understanding it as a truth. It at the most means understanding it as a fact.I do not know how but over the period of timw two senses have very strongly developed in me. I can understand what is to happen next with the people who are related to me and I can make out why something is really happening.It has nothing to do with the Philosophy of which I am a student and which is the most preffered study that I undertake. It happens I do not know why and how, but it does happen.And despite knowing everything I mostly like to act foolish. If you are a fool by choice you get a chance to see people from a very close range.You wonder at the games they play and you laugh at the way they pretend.
But it is the will of the supreme that every time something is revealed to you it should make you more matured and more thoughtful.
Yeh imaretien yeh wazaratein
yeh to char din ki hai chandni,
muje us faqir ki shaan de
ki zamana jis ki misaal de.
These lines are written by a great poet Jenab Bashir Badr sahib. I am a child , a special child that the God has brought to life. It is his Karam that he chooses me to suffer at all times and thus brings me very close to HIMSELF.

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