Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You may be anywhere......

You may be anywhere , but the warmth of your breath is here.You may be anywhere, but your presence is in a close hug with my existence. I am the truth not the part of the truth and I am the journey and not the may have not treated me to rich food but the bite that you had today has fed my hunger.You may be the smile for a face perfect but imperfection of your musical embrace is the madness of my being.I think of your arms and hold the trees, I feel the touch of perfume on you and I touch the petals of a beautiful rose.In the moon I watch your beautiful brows and in the sun I see the glow of your lovely lips. Under the shade of the lashes is my thoughtful evening and the drops of sweat on your forehead is morning dew on the green leaf.

You may be anywhere but the truth is that you are here - here with me and nowhere.

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