Monday, May 2, 2011


They say ignorance is a bliss. God has been very kind to some people. He has granted them the virtue of forgetfulness. They act and while acting tend to believe that this too shall be forgotten. and they do employ ways and means to forget. The belief is that practice makes one perfect but perfection is a myth too.Whatever is forgotten is remenbered may be at the odds. That is why sweet are the songs that remind us of the saddest past. We can take a refuge and say that your and my truth is different. But I believe that the truth is universal.It is only how you understand it. If you slap me and kiss someones cheek you will feel my red face under your lips and if love is universal too, you will feel the pain of refusal while being accepted in a hug. Passion is known to human beings, animals are free from it. There in our explaination lies the fact that we have generally no answer to why our so called love changes. Love is universal and that is why we do not change a father or a mother or a sister or brother. Love becomes local when we love and we love not, because there is passion and with every passionate move the state of mind takes a different shape. In whole of the globe we are the only people who have a shastra speaking about love making. We are the only people who have understood the act of love as a means of reaching the point of salvation. But do we understand love when it calls at our door step or do we brush it aside by stating that you know nothing. Yes it is the experience of that nothing that we must look for, it is not the burning desire, it is not the knowledge of the act, it is the search in to the unknown that brings peace. What have we been looking for ? A solution to our sleeplessness, a tranqulising effect, why dont we take the pill rather than undertaking a violent passionate journey that otherwise should have been a journey in to the concious self.

The misery is God gave us all chances and reasons to experience the ultimate but we lost the opportunity because we love and we love not. And then we call it your truth and my truth.

To meditate is to evolve, are you evolving?

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  1. love it, pranesh. not certain about india having the only shastra about lovemaking as salvation, probably you are right in the explicit; yet, the bible has retained the "song of songs". more a love poem than a shastra but meanings are fleeting. bashung et chloé, cantique des cantiques: