Saturday, January 15, 2011


Each one of us is entitled to his opinion however filthy it be and we have an option to accept it,reject it or to witness it.We always know what living is all about and we always understand the value addition or the value demolition that we undertake each day. The fact remains that in this world there is no free lunch.For every bite that we cut in to we pay and sometimes we do remain happy because the labour is disguised.

In the cultural activities of today there is monotony, stagnation and a strange drabness that has no sense of variation.It has become a custom to please the unknown. this age is the age of cut pasting. there is an unknown following, following of the kind that animals experience when they move in herds. What people understand as love is in fact inexperience of originality and the flavour of duplicacy of the jewells that they wear in the name of the jewells of reality.

It is not strange to find that we always set goals that can never be acheived. we always want to be satisfied with the feeling that since things did not fall in line so we are not responsible. we make plans and set out to tread distances that never exist and when we break down we look up to God as if to say that we had set out why did you not walk with us.We always know that life is only what we make out of it and despite this we make a puzzle of it.we love an animal , love the warmth of its wool but we do not hesitate to sacrifice it too when we need to please our Gods.Our happiness our individual truth our realities become important and rest everything else can be put to altar.

Pain is not the end of a happy state, pain is failure in realising happiness, pain is in not understanding the values and the ethics of being alive.pain is self imposed punishment. It is the price that you pay for being an agent for cut pasting the solutions that we beleive will lead us to eternal peace.

Whatever is negative is not alive, it is dead, it is stinking giving foul smell.Love does not branch out from a seed that is sown in demolished sites.To meditate is to witness yourself evolving. It is to understand that this universe is just born out of my being, it is to spread in to the emptiness of your existence. To meditate is to feel wonderful,lovable and fashionable too.It is an unending process of peace that should make every life peaceful when it comes in your contact.

To meditate is to be what you are in reality and not a cutpasted photoshop edited unreal you that you never have been.Now do you love yourself , if you do you have found the solution. The solution is not in Ramayana, it is not in Mahabarata, wisdom is there in your mind. Explore the mind God rests peacefully within you.

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