Thursday, January 20, 2011


when we are not in total agreement with the space that we occupy we invent ways and means to cut down on it. Probably we beleive that the lesser we occupy the little we will have to see around. In the process we forget that every time we make a move to make ourselves happy we also leave an indellible mark on the brow of time. Why does individual happiness become so important?

I have hardly anything to speak. The mind is just another open space where no thought rests. There were moments when I used to be in the company of great writers, philosophers and then there were moments when I painted the haikus of life on the convas of time. Alas i thought they would remain there but they did not. An open space my mind, I am carrying on with. Why is individual Happiness so important?

As a child I starved of food, as a young man I starved of youth and as a grown up I am starved because of neglect. Morning comes and makes me awake, another day metamorphises a few shapes and gives reason to conversations, I suggest happiness and continue to be in pain. You love me you do not and I live and I do not , wish I would not play these games any more. you are with me in the morning and by evening you are not there. My pain is a hangman's rope round my neck and your hurt is an incidental attitude- do you do this to every body? Why do all want to be individually happy?

We hope for the hopeless, again and again set our foot on the frozen dreams. Life looks at us , it looks at us helpless , hopeless and laughing a fool's laugh. We never learn from our yesterday, We never care for our tomorrow and we are not in the present. The trust and the faith has different meaning for different people, we have set our own terms of honesty , our own terms of intelligence and our own terms of ignorance. Ignorence is useless it can not be defined as innocense. If I have done it then I have done it, I can not say what can I do, because it is me only who can do something. why cant we make others happy too?

Life is like a cup of tea, the more heartly we take it the sooner we reach the drenches of bottom. This is what I understood through the book and life is like a cup of tea , the more heartily we take it the more we enjoy the brew . This is what I learnt from experience.

Destinations for all are set, a bigger dream and one day the wake up has to be there. We all will forget our pain and we all will go forward leaving behind our love, the loved , the hate and the hated. we will leave behind all those without whom we think we can not live and the journey will be on our own.

Then why not be happy???

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